One Year Anniversary!


Today marks the blog becoming a year old. We started with a small post about a great band called The Seedy Seeds. I e-mailed them and asked what they've been up to the last year and they we're cool enough to actually respond:

A year ago we were still riding the energy from having recently released an album. The attention we received from the album led to us being featured on NPR (Earned Average Dance America was song of the day on October 30, 2007), helped earn us our first Midpoint Music Festival showcase, secured us a spot on WOXY's albums of the year countdown, and won us two (out of three for which we were nominated) Cincinnati Entertainment Awards through CityBeat, a Cincinnati newspaper. We've been playing shows frequently, sharing the stage with acts like Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and with our friends, These United States. A lot of good things have come our way... We are fortunate enough to be in the studio recording our sophomore full-length, which will be called "Count The Days." (**which, by the way, we will be happy to get to you once it is pressed--we will have a listening party for it SEPT 19 and the release will be October 17)

We thought that it would be appropriate to address how significant consideration from blogs like We Listen For You have been in garnering us the attention we need to grow. It's really remarkable how digital culture has made it easy to start to gain attention as a band. The visibility that social networking sites and music epicenter websites provide musical talent is quite tremendous. It is now very simple to appear legitimate and to start soliciting fans and press via the Internet. Furthermore--and this is especially true of social networking sites--blog features available to bands as a medium for directly engaging their fan-bases are quintessential in not only disseminating information, but additionally in humanizing said band's product and band members as well as building loyalty that will (hopefully) outlast the next exciting thing to come along. (we are under the impression that as trends change faster and faster and as more music is available every day than there was the day before, it is increasingly difficult to establish one's band for a lasting time-->as an aside, we wonder if you run into the same issues in needing to produce content of interest rapidly and regularly to hold your readers)

We think carefully about what we do. Our music--our songs... everything has message and concept behind it. We have chosen a vehicle to distribute those messages that we like to call pop music. We make posters for our shows, we keep our schedule posted over several websites, we let the local paper know when we are playing a show they should come see... These are things that help us continue to play as a band... promotion is definitely important. However, we owe A LOT to coverage of our material in blogs. In the last eyasr we've played outside of Cincinnati in cities where people know who we are already. People come up to us all the time after shows to let us know they read about us online on a blog and decided to check us out as a result. Once they discover us, the rest is up to us, and so far we're doing pretty good. Just last month we were featured on a blog from England and we saw a huge spike in folks from England contacting us over the Internet. It's safe to say, we suppose, that blogs are like amplifiers, and we can't thank you enough for what you do for bands like us.

Have a great 2nd year!


The Seedy Seeds

How cool is this band. I think they're great and we should all run over to their site and buy a CD to celebrate our first birthday.


  1. Never heard of this band, but it's cool they took the time to write you guys. I'll check them out.