PROFILE: The Sea and Cake

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HANK ALTOGETHER: Our friends over at Radiobutt just put up a slew of The Sea and Cake albums, so I thought a post was in order. The Sea and Cake is one of those bands I heard about in college that I've been passing along to friends ever since, which means that you're probably heard them before, but what the hell.

The Sea and Cake is the original Chicago indie supergroup. Composed of Sam Prekop (vocals, gutiar), Archer Prewitt (guitar, keys, vocals), John McEntire (percussion), and Eric Claridge (bass). Prekop and (Frankfort, KY's own) Prewitt both have solo careers. McEntire's known for his work with seminal Chicago jazz rock pioneers Tortoise.

McEntire's percussion really shines on The Sea and Cake releases. Turning what could be simple pop songs into jazzy twirling compositions. Prekop's sorta-grating, not entirely beautiful vocals are proof that sometimes clarity isn't key, but fitting the music is. There's a distinct jazz influence in The Sea and Cake's records and also a bit of a earthy techno feel to the songs. This is probably best seen on their 1997 release, The Fawn, which is prolly my favorite Sea and Cake record (tho Radiobutt hasn't posted it). The others are worth a listen, though. And you're bound to be surprised by how good they are.

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  1. the Mac worked on the last Fiery Furnaces masterpiece too! You can really hear it most of all in track one.