IMPORTANT WAX: Young Hunting - "Hazel"

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Young Hunting 
Ltd 500 
(First 100 get a chance to win a test pressing)
Label: Gold Robot Records
Release Date: June 11th, 2013

This will be the last time we give the vinyl label Gold Robot our rare "Important Wax" distinction because at this point it's become redundant.  From Roman Ruins to Monster Rally to Seamonster, all of GRR's releases standout in my vinyl collection as smart purchases that get constant play on my turntable.  The label did it again with Young Hunting, a mysterious and laid back band that begs for the wax treatment.  Hazel is an album with these brilliant little flourishes of sound that round out a calming listen from start to finish.  It's hard to make the music Young Hunting demonstrates on Hazel, as there is never a sense of urgency.  Rather, the importance is placed on the exact moment the listener occupies second to second.

I can't help but keep highlighting the words "ease" and "flourish" while jotting down listening notes.  As the record spins, the ease of Hazel is inviting, warming, and ultimately one of the bigger positives of the album - it'll be tough to find a more relaxing spin this year.  Pair the ease with these shifting flourishes that come at the listener from all angles, be it a soft drum that prances in unannounced, a bold high electric guitar pluck, or moments of vocal harmony that expand and contract from moment to moment.  Hazel is album that in only a week of listening has grown and grown for me.  The album, along with its unique laid back style, is slowly becoming one of my favorites of the year.


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