The Pass - "Vultures" (Guess The Blogs Contest Results)

And the winner is... Quentin Kenny with a score of 30.  Quentin named 35 of the 39, but missed five.  It was close with Brian Abbott getting a 29, Dev 27, Tiana Feng 27.  Over 150 people submitted.  Thanks for playing and below is the full list of the 39 blog references.


1.) The Needle Drop (Record player needle is put on record)
2.) Altered Zones (Logo painted on canvas)
3.) You Ain't No Picasso (Guy paints, another guy shakes his head in disapproval)
4.) Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (Guy makes a pop tart, gets angry at how it tastes)
5.) Pasta Primavera (Bowl of pasta primavera)
6.) Everybody Taste (Everybody tastes the pasta)
7.) (Everyone holds up their elbows)
8.) Brooklyn Vegan (girl eats salad, drinks Brooklyn beer, reads vegan book)
9.) Bandcamp (The Pass play in a tent with a lantern)
10.) Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (Guy can't read his book)
11.) Indie Music Filter (Someone sifts water through tapes and cds)
12.) Tiny Mix Tapes (Tiny tapes are in the pasta strainer)
13.) Daily Beatz (Month calender has BEATZ written on each day)
14.) Pretty Much Amazing (An arrow sits between good and amazing)
15.) Flux Blog (Picture of the flux capacitor from Back To The Future)
16.) Tsururadio (Name spelled wrong with magnetic letters)
17.) Chrome Waves (Chromewaves logo)
18.) Polaroids Of Androids (Picture from I Robot, pictures of androids)
19.) Stereogum (Guy puts gum on a stereo speaker)
20.) Vinyl and Vodka (Vodka in martini glass placed in front of record player with vinyl spinning)
21.) Slowcoustic (Guy plays acoustic guitar in slow motion)
22.) My Old Kentucky Blog (Guy wears KFC bucket on his head)
23.) Music Ninja (Ninja sneaks into the house via the roof)
24.) Aquarium Drunkard (Guy has aquarium full of beer...drinks it)
25.) Decibel Tolls (Guy asks for DB pieces of paper and allows them to enter the party)
26.) Each Note Secure (Girl takes notes and puts them securely into a chest)
27.) Music Slut (Girl crawls into bed wearing short shirt/top)
28.) Pitchfork (Pitchfork with Music her a 6.5)
29.) MFR (Girl rocks out with a Minnesota Twins shirt)
30.) Winnie Cooper (Strobe light on girl who looks like Winnie Cooper holding a school folder)
31.) Pigeons and Planes (Girl with pigeon on her shoulder, American Airlines captains hat, aviator glasses)
32.) 100X Yes (Yes written over and over)
33.) Muzzle Of Bees (Honey poured into mouth of guy wearing a muzzle)
34.) Buzzgrinder (Girl in a bee costume grinds on another girl)
35.) Gorilla Vs Bear (Gorilla mask fights guy in Panda Bear outfit)
36.) Hipster Runoff (Two hipsters, drinking PBR and smoking American Spirits race)
37.) Songs By Toad (A girl in a toad costume sings)
38.) Hype Machine (Robot/machine enters, hyping people up and giving a heart to The Pass)
39.) Largehearted Boy (Guy with a large heart)

The video was 90% a contest and 10% trying to do a visual representation of how a song (from the needle drop) travels over the Internet through various music blogs, onto hype machine, and off to the listener.  I hope you had as much fun watching/playing the contest as I did making the video.  Thanks to The Pass for letting me do this experiment.  Their music is amazing, make sure to keep an eye out for their debut LP BURST, out Sept 21st.


  1. OOHHHH *at everything i missed*

  2. Love it.
    Indie Music Filter/Strainer/Collander


  4. That's amazing. What a great idea. I can't imagine what someone who isn't familiar with music blogs would think of this music video, though....