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Every Monday from 8PM-Midnight at Haymarket Whiskey Bar in Louisville, KY...WLFY invites the public to bring in a record and play it over the bar speakers.  People now have the option to write a short paragraph about the record they brought it and we'll be posting them here on WLFY for any out of towners or people who want to follow along.

Zach Hart - Glen Campbell / Wichita Lineman

I picked this album because Campbell has a very large discography and if you're flipping through the bargain bins at your local record store you can get lost in how many good/bad records of his that are out there. "Wichita Lineman" is the perfect representation of Campbell's talent. From the legendary title track to his cover of "(Sittin on) The Dock at the Bay"...this collection of Campbell songs is the perfect introduction or treasure for the most die hard fan.

Chad Thomas - Glass Animals - How to Be a Human Being

This just came out three days ago. I'd heard good things. It is in fact a very good album. It is funky and fun; you should check it out if you like things that are good.

Jenn Yates - Deadhorse - We Can Create Our Own World

I found this album on bandcamp and decided I must own it on vinyl. Its gothic post-rock sound to me is the voice of the 21st century dissenters who revile the status quo. The piano heavy melody and slow rhythmic builds/dissolves express a spectrum of dynamic moods - melancholy, enraged, apathetic, hopeful, and romantic all at once. Its a timeless sound too, like you could walk through a mirror into another time or world and it would be just as relevant. Apocalyptic, epic, and cohesive, it's one of my favorites of the genre and an immediate stunner spinning on the platter. I can't wait to see what next comes out of Eerie.

Trent Burdick - Angel Olsen - My Woman

This album is due out this upcoming Friday. Today is Monday. You are welcome to come to whatever conclusions you want from that. obviously it is amazing at first listen, looking forward to continued discovery of this record and future efforts from this artist.

Chad Thomas (take two) - Naked City - Naked City

Originally released in 1990 - I was originally worried this would clear the bar, but it totally didn't. John Zorn is a genius. He has released hundreds of records. This is one of the best. Inspired equally by The Beach Boys and Napalm Death, the tempo changes on this record are the result of meticulous planning and not tape edits. This ended their relationship with Elektra Records (Nonesuch) and launched a 7-record career. By comparison, Zorn's Filmworks series of movie soundtracks would exceed 30 albums. Zorn's career would go on to span hundreds of releases, most on his own Tzadik label. Dive in and explore!

Logan Nichols- Join Dan Sartain

This is one of the most frequently played records at my house, which is odd because I've never actually brought it to vinyl night. This is Dan Sartain's second release under his real name. I guess it's just a super sentimental album for me. I got it when I was sixteen or seventeen. I ran into Josh Castleberry of Toxic Beauty Records out in public somewhere and he just told me to come to the record store sometime with some cash because he had a surprise waiting. It listens at first like a punk record, the title and the cover going hand-in-hand. But around the fourth song you pick up strong Mariachi influence seeping into the guitar riffs and backing trumpet tracks. Such an anomaly. Drama Queens, Gun vs Knife, Hangers on, Besa Me Mucho, and Indian Ink are all fucking brilliant songs. Dan's guitar work on this record is fucking nutz . Strongly recommend this release as well as Dan Sartain vs. The Serpientes. Heartbreaking stuff, really.


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