WLFY Finds: Don't Call It a Comeback

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Suffice it to say that the music blogging business has hit on hard times. Hell, we here at WLFY barely post anymore. And, most of the time, that's not our fault. With the expansion of social media and streaming outlets, I've been wondering that existential question -- "Do we need music blogs anymore?" It's the blogosphere equivalent of that great Silver Jews lyric: "Punk rock died when the first kid said 'Punk's not dead.'" But, it's the truth. Do you need us anymore? Streaming services provide access to practically every album ever made. Why do you need some dope with a vocabulary to reinforce your listen? Well, you didn't. And music blogs started to die. Our novelty -- access to music (or links to illegally download music ahead of release dates) -- became pretty much nullified by technology, the very thing that had launched the blog revolution in the first place. Irony is a bitch.

Two factors have significantly changed the way that I listen to music over the past 5 years: vinyl and Spotify. When I used to be an avid consumer of what was happening RIGHT NOW, my turntable and Premium membership have turned me into a virtual crate digger. Sure, I listen to what's going on now and even maintain playlists of important releases by year; however, I would say that music from the past 5 years only makes up around 20% of my listening, when it used to be nearer to 80%. How I listen has changed my consumption and how I hear about music. Nowadays, it's more likely to be from me talking to someone or poking around than from reading a blog. I return to the great archive of words spilled over music when I want to know more about an album.

So, don't call it a comeback, but this is an attempt to merge how I listen and this blog. To, hopefully, return to where we were when we were writing regular content. This may totally fall apart, so don't call it a comeback. I'm calling it WLFY Finds (which, I hope you'll make into the appropriate hashtag #wlfyfinds). The idea is pretty simple. Each post will highlight an album (maybe even two) that deserves your attention. I'll write a bit about it, give you a place to buy or stream it. And, hopefully, you can kickback your response with our #wlfyfinds hashtag--I still don't tweet yet, so don't go bombarding Zach [@welistenforyou]--use the tag and I'll be able to seek you out. The aim, as always, is to get all of us to listen more, listen better, and give credit to some of the amazing musicians and records out there. I'm not doing Apple Music yet -- please, let me know if I should -- so most of the links will be via Spotify. The first post will follow this one. So, please, enjoy.

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  1. you know, the reasons you stated as the causes of blog death are for me the reasons why we actually need them.

    Sure we can find everything combining soundcloud, bandcamp and apple/spotify. But this often means overlooking many things and not giving the right attention to some music. Blogs are still vital in providing a context and a spotlight for new bands for me.